Are The White Tigers Really Exists?

When we think about a White tiger, the first thing that comes to mind is how beautiful it is if you think the same, so it’s not your fault because the reality was hidden from the public for several years. But see how white tigers become a good source of high-profit business?

white tigers

The White Tiger is not a separate subspecies; they are the color variation of Bengal Tigers. They are white because of leucistic, which means a lack of red and yellow pheomelanin pigments that normally produce the orange coloration. White Tiger is also known as White Bengal Tiger.

The chances of a white tiger being born are very less. It is said that the White Bengal Tiger is so rare and only one in every 10,000 tigers born in the wild is a White Tiger, and you will be shocked that the last White Tiger saw in the wild in 1958. Today white tigers are only found in captivity. A pure white tiger is born only when both male and female Bengal Tigers carry the same recessive gene for white colouring.


A white tiger born with many genetic problems such as:-

  • All white tigers are born with cross-eyed, even if their eyes look normal because the optic nerve of white tigers is on the wrong side of the brain.
  • Other genetic problems include club foot, kidney problems, arched or crooked backbone, twisted neck, and some white tiger and born without an upper lip.
  •  The continuous inbreeding of white tigers lead to the loss of genetic variability and inbreeding depression.
  • Most of the white tiger’s lifespan is short as compared to the orange tiger.

To produce more and more white cubs, most of the zoo does crossbreeding of white Bengal tigers with other subspecies of tigers like a Siberian tiger, which causes more genetic problems and diseases.

The zoos inbreeding the White tiger and Bengal tiger again and again till their death but not for conservation their main motive is to produce more and more cubs so that they can sell them at $60000(starting rate) each.

It is said that only 1 cub is born perfect out of 30 white cubs and only that cub is shown to the public, and the other 29 Unwanted cubs are often sold for the pets, parts trade or killed.

See how one White tiger named Kenny is survived from the group of 29.

white tigers

Ancestor Of All Bengal White Tigers Alive Today

It is said that all white Bengal tigers live in the world are the offsprings of one Indian White Bengal tiger whose name is Mohan. Mohan was captured by Rewa Maharaja Martand Singh in 1951 during hunting in Bandhavgarh. He found a tigress with four 9-month-old cubs, one of which was white and all of them were shot except the white one named Mohan.

The Maharajah who captured the Mohan soon figured out the only way to produce additional white tigers was to breed him to his own daughter. (The only way to produce a tiger with a white coat is through inbreeding brother to sister or father to daughter; generation after generation after generation). In 19th December 1969, Mohan died aged 19 years 7 months. But before dying Mohan gave birth to 34 cubs out of which 21 were white tigersLater Mohan offsprings were sold worldwide.

Why there is no white tiger lived in wild?

Once upon a time, the white tigers were living in the wild/forests but they no longer exist there because a lot of reasons like extensive health concerns, hunters and nowadays the majority of the white tigers are not purebred so they are not suitable for the reintroduction in wild.

There is a myth about White tigers that they are not suitable for wild because their colour is white and it’s can easily be seen by its prey and it will be difficult for the tiger to hunt. But that’s not true in India white tiger is reported in the wild from time to time in many centuries and How does an orange Amur tiger survive in the snowy whiteness of its natural winter habitat?

white tigers

How to help?

 Just 100 years ago, there were approximately 100,000 tigers living in the wild; some experts estimate that fewer than 3,500 individuals live in the forests today. White tigers are not originally made by humans but the ones found in the world today most likely are.

Many zoos act like they save White tigers by breeding them again and again but the truth is they inbreed them not for conservation but only for selling purpose. Because today the selling price of white tiger start at $60,000 and only public demand for the white tiger has driven up these prices.

The best way to help White tigers is to educate others on the truth behind white tigers. Many times people simply do not know the facts about white tigers.


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