Slaughterhouses: What You Think Hell Is Like?

In various religions, hell is like a place of evil where the people are tortured physically and mentally for the bad things they have done during their lives and nobody can go to hell during his lifetime. But I think that is not true. Anybody can see hell during his life. Also, the address of hell is the slaughterhouses near your house or your city.

There Are 32,000 Illegal Slaughterhouses In India

There are 3600 legal and more than 32000 illegal slaughterhouses in India. These 32,000 illegal slaughterhouses help India to become the second-biggest exporter of meat. In these slaughterhouses, workers hack at animals’ throats with dull blades. Skinning and dismembering often begin while they’re still alive and in full view of other animals” and use cruel practices which are prohibited by law says PETA India Chief Executive Officer Poorva Joshipura


What Slaughterhouses Are Hiding From Us?

If slaughterhouses had glass walls everyone would be vegetarian

~ Paul McCartney

It may be possible that you are part of the majority of people that do not know the horrible methods used behind the preparation of meat. In slaughterhouses because most of what we know about the inside of slaughterhouses come from undercover videos. Let’s talk about how much do you really know about what you’re eating? so the next time you pick up some meat for yourself on-the-plate, you’ll at least know what are you letting go inside your stomach.

Thumping Animals

Piglets who are deemed too sick or small are killed by being slammed headfirst onto concrete floors. Workers grabbing piglets by their fragile ears or legs and throwing them across the room and slamming them into trucks. This barbaric standard industry practice is called thumping.

Burning And Boiling Alive​

Pigs are often put into boiling water sometimes still alive, and as they struggle for their life, they are pushed down into the water, where they are left to burn and drown to death, and often these livestock animals are kicking and screaming, feeling everything.

Millions of livestock animals are burning alive each second of every minute, not only in a specific country but in most of the countries around the world. Burning pigs alive is standard practice for killing pigs whenever there is a fear of virus infection in China. Such infections like (ASFV) are common in crowded and filthy animal factories around the world. 

(Warning: video of live animals burning)

Slaughter Of Pregnant Livestock Animals

The slaughtering of pregnant animals is common in slaughterhouses. In Paterson city of United States a pregnant cow jumped from a moving truck headed from a slaughterhouse and gained its freedom named – Brianna – give birth to healthy children after 3 days and it also gives rise to the ethical controversy on the slaughter of pregnant livestock animals. It is legal to slaughter a pregnant animal?


Illegal Transportation

Animals headed for the slaughterhouse on trucks that are so crowded that the animals often suffocate or sustain broken bones, which is illegal. Others are forced to walk the entire way to the slaughterhouse while handlers smear chili pepper and tobacco into their eyes or break their tails to keep the tired animals moving and If a cow is walking too slowly or a pig tries to run away, the workers will shock the animals into obedience.

Animal Suffering In Abattoir

In slaughterhouses (Abattoir) animals is torture horribly they are left for hours if not days without water. Downer cattle, too weak or injured to stand, are dragged by their tails and heads over long distances.  No mercy is shown, they are then pulled out by their tails. Chickens are locked in tiny wire cages, called battery cages, with up to five other hens. 

 The floors are slippery and animals fall all over the place as they are rushed through the plant and jumped on each other. In order to force them down onto the floor to have their legs all tethered and then their throat cut (like bread) by blunt knives.

According to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Slaughter House) Rules, 2001. “No animal shall be slaughtered in a slaughterhouse in sight of other animals “, but facilities routinely violate this law. Slaughterhouses are also required to stun animals before killing them, but this usually does not happen, even at so-called “modern” facilities. “These animals’ deaths are miserable, just like their lives”


Animals Are The Only Ones Who Suffer In Slaughterhouses?

“The worst thing, worse than the physical danger, is the emotional toll … Pigs down on the kill floor have come up and nuzzled me like a puppy. Two minutes later I had to kill them…” — Ed Van Winkle, slaughterhouse worker.

No, Animals are not the only ones who are tortured and butchered in slaughterhouses. In fact, the workers of the slaughterhouses also suffer from depression, and some even feeling suicidal. It is not surprising that the aggression level of the slaughterhouses workers is high but it does not mean they like their job who paid them to kill animals they work in slaughterhouses and don’t forget that they work to satisfy our demand. Many workers who stop to alert officials to abuses at their slaughterhouse risk losing their jobs. 

Becoming Vegan Is The Only Solution To Stop Animal Murders In Slaughterhouses?

I am not telling you to be a vegan it’s your decision I am just want to say that whenever the next time you pick up some meat for yourself on-the-plate, you’ll at least know what are you letting go inside your mouth and if you really knew about what are you eating the best way is to watch Dominion.

I personally could not watch the entire video myself and crying a lot. This Documentary is special for those people who choose to ignore the reality of meat ready on slaughterhouse by killing most of the animals alive on your demand. I request to all please watch this documentary once a time in your life.

Don’t forget to see how cows become beef, pig becomes pork, hen becomes chicken and other animals become a product on your demand. 

The Best Method To Stop Animal Torture In Slaughterhouses?

  • The best method to stop animal torture is when the schools, colleges take students on a field trip in slaughterhouses and show them the reality behind the big walls of slaughterhouses and the meat industry.
  • And the second one is when people demand CCTV in all slaughterhouses. So that the abuse of animals does not be hidden from anyone.

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13 thoughts on “Slaughterhouses: What You Think Hell Is Like?​”

  1. “If slaughterhouses had glass walls everyone would be vegetarian”, that’s really a nice article. It’s an eye opener for human beings as we are forgetting humanity. Glad you wrote about it, waiting for more such articles in future.

  2. Nice Effort . if Most People Think Like You And Join The Path To Stop This Completely.
    Than This Will Bi Possible. So I Want To Thank U For Starting This Awareness Campaign ….

  3. This article gives me goosebumps.. i mean how we human became such kind of monsters.. The worst thing is how these poor and inocent animals go through the pain. This is not humane to animals.

  4. Superb….one small step can save someone’s life & small changes can make a big difference….keep it up , i appreciate your initiative.

  5. Aahitagni Das

    I think I am also of your kind who just can’t bear the screaming of the living animals slaughtered. I usually ignore the meat shops by the roads as listening to the screaming of the chickens just make me sick( seriously, I feel too much inconvenient that time). I don’t know how the customers watch that brutal scene( I have never experienced that scene in my life and never want to). For me, your blog is just like speaking my own words by you. Thank you for this heartbreaking blog. I am waiting for more from you and going to share with all of my friends.

  6. We are not only slaughtering animals but we are creating more farmland to feed those animals, destroying Earth. This planet cannot sustain the requirements needed to accomplish all of this. Mother Nature is already pissed and unleashing her wrath. She would rather destroy it all than let us continue. Unfortunately, I know of every atrocity you’ve mention, plus so many more: zoos, rodeos, circuses, bull fighting, dog fighting, cock fighting, dog sledding. horses pulling tourists around cities, laboratories testing on animals, Asia continuing the cooking of dogs and cats alive at ten and four million a year, torture bu teenagers, elephant rides. This list truly is endless. If roles were reversed, animals would never treat us like this. My horses, dogs and cats loved me. It’s a love that’s real, forever in your heart.

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