Megalodon -The Largest Shark Ever Lived on Earth

Megalodon is the largest shark ever documented in Earth,s History and the largest marine predator that has ever lived. They are an extinct species of shark. Megalodon is also the most famous prehistoric shark, Carcharocles megalodon, nicknamed megalodon, megatooth, or meg which terrorized the water 2 million years ago. 

By computing different reports the average size of the shark is up to (50 to 60) feet in length and It could grow max up to 70 ft and the megalodon weighed up to 100 tons for comparison the weight of an adult African elephant is max up to 7 ton and the megalodon is 4 times larger than the average great white shark. So you can imagine the terror of this monster.

Megalodon biggest shark ever, Facts, Size, Fossil & Teeth

Big Teeth

Megaladon teeth have been found mostly on every continent. Megaladon fossilize teeth are everywhere so scientists have said that the megalodon traveled throughout the world.
Megaladon word means big tooth most of its tooth were about 4 to 5 inches long but the largest teeth ever found was 7.4 inches. A large and good quality teeth of megalodon can be sold for up to $50’000.
The meg also has an impressive set of 276 teeth that are set in 5 rows in the mouth. These 5 rows served megalodon as a backup system so that the megalodon would never turn run out as soon as it lost a tooth another one would replace it within 48 hours so that this massive beast feast his prey non-stop.
Also, megalodon shark teeth are so sharp that they easily rip the flesh of whales, dolphins, and other sharks. Sharks continually produce teeth throughout their entire lives. Depending on what they eat, sharks lose a set of teeth every one to two weeks, getting through up to 40,000 teeth in their lifetime. This means that shark teeth are continuously raining down onto the ocean floor, increasing the chance that they will get fossilized

Megalodon biggest shark ever, Facts, Size, Fossil & Teeth

Huge Jaw

Megalodon jaw size is up to 7 ft. It is estimated that its jaw would span 2.7 by 3.4 meters wide, and swallowed an adult man without any effort.
The Megalodon had the strongest bite of all animals. Megalodon bite was stronger than the T-rex. The Megalodon had a most powerful bite in order to chew on the bones of it,s prey. According to some researches, the megalodon could bite down on it,s prey with 24000- 40000 pounds (10,000 to 18,0000 kg ) of pressure would probably crush a car. As come for Tyrannosaurus Rex it had just 12,800 pounds (5800 Kg) of bite force.


Livyatan is a whale that was 60 feet long and weighed up to 50 tons its largest teeth are up to 14 inches. Livyatan and Megalodon have the same food menu. Livyatan had the longest teeth, but the Megalodon had the strongest bite and both are living during the Miocene period.

Biggest fish & Biggest Baby

Megalodon was not only the biggest shark in the world but one of the largest fish ever to exist and three times longer than the largest recorded great white shark. Now Some people think why Blue Whale is not the biggest fish but the answer is that whale is not a fish because (Whales are warm-blooded, which means they keep a high body temperature that does not change in the cold water. Fish are cold-blooded, so their body temperature changes depending on the temperature of their environment. … Fish lay eggs, which must still grow into a baby fish. So whales are indeed mammals and not fish!

Newborn megalodons are larger than humans. Researchers found that it must have been about 2 meters (6.5 ft) long when it was born.

Newborn megalodons larger than humans


Paleontologists estimate the megalodon shark needed to devour 2,500 pounds of food a day. That’s like you have to eat 3,300 cans of tuna every day. Megalodon’s favorite food is whales but other Marine mammals like Odobenocetops, seals, dolphins are on its menu.


Megalodon had become extinct 2.6 million years ago. There are serval theories of megalodon’s extinction.
1) Some theories said that the megalodon was extinct because of climate change the megalodon would swim in the warm water but the climate change would have decreased the temperature of the ocean and this the reason for megalodon extinction.
2) Others theories said that the main reason for megalodon extinction is the availability of less food. Because some of his favorite prey also extinct during that Time period.


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