Cremation ghats will be setup for dogs and cats in Delhi, priests will also be arranged for funeral

South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) to build a cremation ground for pet and stray dogs, cats, monkeys and pig. Municipal Corporation (SDMC) officials said on Sunday that the cremation of 700 square meters cremation will be done in Dwarka.

It will have two types of furnaces, one furnace will be of 150 kg, in which only the pet dogs will be cremated. A charge of Rs 2000(approx. $27) has been kept for dogs weighing up to 30 kg and a charge of Rs 3000(approx. $41) has been kept for dogs weighing more than 30 kg. At the same time, in the second furnace, stray dogs, cats, monkeys and pigs will be cremated. 

In case of stray animals, it will be free for stray dogs, cats brought from South MCD, but if stray animals are brought from any other municipal corporation, they will be charged Rs 500 (approx. $7).. This will be an electric crematorium.

priests will be posted for funeral

There will be a priest in the crematorium, who will perform the last rites of a dead pet in the traditional way. In the new crematorium, there will be a provision to keep the ashes for 15 days after the cremation. So that those who want to do bone immersion can take the bones back. 

 A South Delhi Municipal Corporation official said pets are like family, the grief of losing them is akin to losing a family member for their loved ones. At the same time, deaths of stray dogs in India often go unnoticed. It’s not uncommon to spot them on the street or the road and at the most, the sight elicits a sad reaction, before people go on with their lives.


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