Hi, I am Bharat, an Animal Enthusiast, I believe ” Until one has loved an Animal, a part of one’s soul remains awakened. “Though I don’t have any professional degree in animal biology currently, but I would love to get one in future, am a business student but before that am an animal lover.

The greatest fear to our planet is thinking that someone else will save it

end speciesism
How you feel about the mistreatment of one dog multiply that by more than 72 billion per year


I created this website to aware people about continuously extinction of wildlife and animals atrocities(torture) by humans and how even a common person brings out some amazing changes to save our planet .  In this tech-era, where information can be literally passed around in seconds but it is absolutely shocking to find out that the fire started in Amazon rain-forest weeks ago and no one was aware of it. There were more than 74,000 wildfires this year alone in Amazon, which is an 84% increase from the previous year. I created this website.

About 640 million acres of rain-forest has been affected. The damaged land now cannot be used for cultivation. Take the effort to look after your planet, your one step makes a huge difference. Nature is suffering. The natural habitats of animals and marine life are facing extinction. Hence, it is our prerogative as global citizens to protect the one planet we have from a catastrophe we created.

We’re losing 18.7 million acres of forests annually, equivalent to 27 soccer fields every minute

save forests
FAO. 2020. Global Forest Resources Assessment 2020. Rome.

more than 1 million animal and plant species are now threatened with extinction and many of them are extinct already

Red list index

This Red list map define the trend of extinction of species in future 

Animals extinction
United Nations Statistics Division

Join us to create a world where animals are not products

Join us to create a world where animals are not products